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Let's get you back to your intended wholeness & radiance!

About Liezell

Holistic Quantum Energy Healing Expert – Alignment Mentor & Coach – Speaker

While this website is undergoing a revamp, we thought we would tell you a bit about Liezell.

Liezell is a transformational holistic quantum energy healing expert, certified energy medicine practitioner, alignment coach/facilitator (she helps you align with the LIFE you WANT to radiantly live), intuitive, mentor, and speaker.

Liezell’s passion lies in helping others love themselves more, raise their vibration, strengthen their boundaries, embrace self-empowerment, and step into their whole intended self. She helps to clear what’s holding you back from exponential growth, happiness, freedom, abundance, love and radiance. 

Her unique ability, extensive knowledge in quantum healing and other energetic techniques, makes her an adept guide, healer and loving facilitator for anyone seeking to truly design, align and step into the life they desire – whether that is personally, professionally, romantically – or all! 


Just a few of the methods/tools in her toolkit:

    • Uses heart-discernment, muscle testing/applied kinesiology and intuition to communicate with your bio-operating system/subconscious. 
    • Incorporates several quantum healing tools and organic technology.
    • Draws from several holistic energy healing modalities such as Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, Global Energy Method, Entity Release, Spiritual work and several others.
    • She is also in the process of completing The Resilient Heart – Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification; BDHMIP HeartMath Interventions Certification; and the Add Heart Facilitator course from the renowned HeartMath Institute.
    • She also does transformational balancing sessions on homes/spaces, businesses, corporations, and buildings that include clearing dense disharmonic and offensive energies, bringing more harmony, balance, joy, and abundance to the space, business and people involved. 


    Click on the “let’s talk” button to set up a quick no-obligation 10 minute call to discover how she can help you in your journey and to see if you are a good fit to work together.

    “I really enjoyed the session. It was very powerful! I could feel a significant change in my anxiety – and that feels good.”

    “The chronic knee pain I’ve experienced the last few years… gone! My sleep also improved a lot. I’m grateful.”

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