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Light Score:
This indicates the ratio of light and dark inf our field, physical and energy bodies. Ideally you would like for this number to be 100% (or as close as possible) and be stabilized. This number can fluctuate as things come up to heal. It is also affected by stress, trauma, low-vibrational emotions, offensive energies, entities, spirit attachments, incongruency, and outside influences and also is indicative of shadow work (unresolved trauma) that needs to be done. It will fluctuate especially at the beginning, which is normal, the ultimate goal is to get this to 100% and stabilized – once it is 100% it is a good idea to often check in on this especially if you are experiencing physical, mental pain, unresolved trauma comes up, or have stressful situations.

If it is the light score of a relationship, it indicates how much low-vibrational energy/entity interference there is affecting the relationship.


Bio-energetic shield:
Your bio-energetic shield is your natural barrier/shield to keep negative low vibrational energies/entities out and also help you to not absorb as much of others low-vibrational energies and emotions. It is also affected by stress, trauma, low-vibrational emotions, offensive energies, and outside influences. It will fluctuate especially at the beginning of this work and need to be stabilized. Ideally you would like for this number to be 100% or as close as possible. It is kind of like your umbrella when you go into the rain, or your winter jacket, gloves, hat when you go into cold weather.


Harmony Score:
This indicates the level of harmony there is. Harmonious relationships (whether with self, romantic, platonic, familial, and others) are important because they contribute to a balanced and healthy life.


In the Body Code modality, a Heart-wall is created by your subconscious to protect you from heartache, and it is made up from trapped emotions due to negative or traumatic past events. A Heart-wall can drag you down and block you from love and happiness. If you have a Heart-Wall, you will have a harder time being able to give and receive love freely. The heart wall also hampers your ability to feel good emotions. It will contribute to feelings of isolation and depression, and further interfere with your ability to succeed. Having your heart-wall cleared is a wonderful step in the right direction.


Internal Energies:
In the Global Energy Method (GEM), primary internal energies are energies that originate from within our own bodies, psyche, and spirit. These internal energies are often created by emotions that are currently being felt, have been suppressed/bottled, absorbed from others, genetically inherited, etc. Internal energies are initiated by the reactions to events in the environment 1or to things inside a person/animal. These events are called cognitive triggers. They prompt or call forth the emotion. A person’s/animal’s thoughts, behaviors, and physical reactions prompt emotions. Prompting events can be events happening in the present (an interaction with someone, losing something, physical illness, financial worries). A prompting event might also be a memory, a thought, or even another feeling (we feel angry and then feel ashamed for feeling angry). In managing our emotions, it is important to be able to recognize prompting events. A secondary emotion is one that has become stuck due to the primary internal energy being unprocessed. A compound emotion is one where the unprocessed/stuck primary and secondary emotion combined and as a result formed a new emotion being experienced.


External Energies:
In the Global Energy Method (GEM), external energies are vibrations that are either created by external forces or internally created and have evolved into expressing externally for others to feel/see. External energies can be created by circumstances, interactions with other people and their energies, or can be created by internal emotional energies that create a personal aura and/or vibration. The vibration of a person/animal can change the way they perceive the world or are perceived by the world. These external energies linger and affect a person’s physical, psychological, or spiritual state. A directed towards energy is when you experience an external energy and the way you “react/give outing” because of that energy. For instance, you experience frustration because you are in a bad relationship, and it is directed towards feeling angry, so you get angry quickly with the cashier at the grocery store.


Miasm Energies:
A miasm is an energetic imprint on an ancestor’s DNA who experienced a disease, behavior, or addiction, creating inheritable energies. This inheritable energy is a miasm energy, but just because it is present does not mean it will express into a physical manifestation. Inherited disease energy: An inherited disease energy is a miasm energy from an ancestor who experienced a disease, and this diseased energy was imprinted into the DNA. Identifying this energy does not mean the disease is or ever would be present. It simply means the energy of the miasm is hindering the optimal energy balance of the individual. Inherited Behavior Energy: An inherited behavior energy is a miasm energy from an ancestor who had a habitual behavior that created a strong enough energy to imprint onto their DNA. Identifying this energy does not mean the behavior is taking place or that it will ever will, but it does create energy that needs to be resisted or released. Inherited Addiction Energy: An inherited addiction energy is a miasm energy from an ancestor who had an addiction that created a strong enough energy to imprint onto their DNA. Identifying this energy does not mean there is a current addiction or that it will ever manifest, but it does create energy that needs to be resisted or released.


Positive Affirmations:
A positive affirmation is a statement that creates a positive subconscious shift in the energy of the individual. The positive change will subconsciously shift thought patterns.


Positive Reinforcements:
A positive reinforcement is a subtle shift to an existing energy of the individual which can be enhanced regularly.


Energetic Encouragements:
Energetic encouragements are positive external energy added to an
individual’s energy field. This is done to positively protect the aura, encourage attraction of additional positive energy, and to support energy work completed for long-term effect.


Body systems:
Integumentary System, Urinary System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Respiratory System, Reproductive System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Immune System, Lymphatic System, Nervous System, Sensory System, Microbiome


Morphic Field:
Coined by scientist Rupert Sheldrake, a morphic field is very simply put a field that contains all the information concerning a particular subject, be it a person, a place, an activity, a condition, a state of being, etc. Everything consists of energy. Energy can be used to encode information. Information is organized through morphic fields (positive or negative is only our assessment; it is just information). We resonate with various morphic fields through morphic resonance. The morphic field of a dis-ease and condition exists “out there” (it is non-local) as a container for information. When we resonate with a given morphic field, we experience its characteristics (and hence the disease or condition). Instead of trying to change or overcome an undesired morphic field you are currently resonating with, we also work on clearing so you can resonate with the desired positive morphic field. Again, these fields already exist and through the phenomenon of morphic resonance, you are tuning into one field vs another. Keep in mind that a morphic field is like a blueprint for something. If you don’t have the raw materials (for instance nutrients if we are talking on the physical level), then having the right blueprint is not sufficient. Same with energy, if your energy centers are blocked, then again, you might have the perfect blueprint but not be able to execute on it. Through working with positive morphic fields we identify what is needed or needed to be cleared/aligned, etc in order to align with the desired morphic field.


Aspect of Consciousness (AOC):
Aspects of consciousness are the energetic parts of you that make up your subconscious mind. The subconscious is vast, and it is helpful to narrow down the focus and give these individual aspects of ourselves a voice. If we don’t give them a voice, many traumatized parts of us stay hidden and unhealed, or their wisdom and valuable lessons stay lost and forgotten so we may not reach our full potential. AOC are different from trapped emotions due to how we’ve engaged our imagination and given “life” to certain emotions or states of being. All AOCs have a low vibrational frequency if not 10/10 happy, but we have the power to change this by consciously acknowledging them and giving them a voice. You get Permanent AOCs (parts that exist within all of us, through all time and space and part of who we are as multi-dimensional beings), Impermanent AOCs (these can be situational and more personal to you and your life). When Permanent AOCs are happy 10/10 they will begin to assist in upleveling you, when Impermanent AOCs are happy 10/10 they will dissolve or integrate into your personal energetics. You also get Inner Child AOCs (unforeseeable events that occur before puberty, such as parents divorcing, family pet passing away, physical or emotional trauma, etc) can leave an indelible mark on our psyche that we often carry into adulthood.


Lloyd Mear’s Frequencies/Numbers:
With numbers/frequencies you bypass the conscious mind and your subconscious mind read the intention of the number and download that frequency to make the necessary corrections. As humans we tend to give things “names/titles” but please don’t pay as much attention to the words next to the frequency or be alarmed by it. What is important is that your body is requesting the specified frequency and as an intelligent system will use it for the above purpose or whatever else it is needed for. According to Lloyd Mear, the developer of this particular system, the body is like a radio with nearly 1.2 million frequencies or “radio stations.” Most of these frequencies come in at birth and protect us from outside energies. Sometimes frequencies are missing, sometimes they can be scrambled through trauma or negative emotions. Lloyd has developed through the use of numbers, a way to bring balance back to the body. Like an acupuncturist working with the meridians, Lloyd works with the frequencies that make up the human body and the frequencies that affect the human body. These numbers will do no harm as the body only takes in what it needs. To install the frequency/number, you simply repeat the number range 5-7 times in one sitting, repeating that process daily over the course of 3-5 days. You can also write/type on a small piece of paper and either tape around water bottle or use as a coaster – this charges the water with the information/intent as water holds information.

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